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What We Stand For

Justin Trudeau giving a speech at a podium, surrounded by hundreds of supporters

The Liberal team has been making real progress so that Canadians can get ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team’s work to build a better future for all Canadians and our plan to continue moving forward this fall.

What can we help you learn more about?

  • Real Progress for the Middle Class

    Justin Trudeau chatting with workers from the TransMountain facility in Edmonton, Alberta.

    The Liberal team is working hard to make sure that Canadians are getting ahead, starting with strengthening and investing in our middle class.

    Nine out of 10 Canadian families have more money to help with the cost of raising kids thanks to the Canada Child Benefit — which has increased twice since 2015!

    Justin Trudeau visits a new housing development in Sackville. He is holding a toddler while going up the stairs.

    Justin Trudeau speaks with seniors at the Gracelon Civic Centre in St Stephen.

    The Canada Pension Plan is helping seniors retire with dignity after a lifetime of hard work.

    And with the Parental Sharing Benefit, which is promoting gender equality at home and in the workplace, Canadian families can now have five extra weeks with their newborns if they decide to share parental leave.

  • Climate Change and the Environment

    Catherine McKenna is wearing a bright red jacket & baseball cap. She is looking out on the ocean.

    We know that climate change is a pressing problem, and Canadians are demanding action. By putting a price on pollution, pledging to ban harmful single-use plastics by 2021, and protecting almost 14% of our oceans and coastlines with the Oceans Protection Plan, the Liberal team is taking climate action now so that Canadians can count on a clean environment for generations to come.

  • Infrastructure and Housing

    Justin Trudeau chatting with Members of Parliament while walking down a residential street.

    Investing in Canadians also means investing in communities, and we’re making historic infrastructure investments — including better transit, roads, and bridges — so Canadians can get to where they need to go faster and more safely.

    We also know that every Canadian deserves a safe and affordable place to call home, that’s why we’re investing in Canada’s first ever National Housing Strategy. And, the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive is helping make the dream of owning a home a reality.

    Justin Trudeau chatting with a young couple on a residential street.

  • Healthcare

    Justin Trudeau chatting with vendors at the Ste. Foy Market.

    We’re moving forward with laying the foundation for National Pharmacare and taking the biggest step towards lowering drug prices in a generation. No Canadian should have to choose between the prescription drugs they need and putting food on the table. We’re also putting evidence-based policy first, and updated Canada’s Food Guide to provide Canadians encourage healthy eating behaviours. And we’re increasing mental health support by investing in mental health care which includes support for 500,000 young Canadians who are not receiving basic mental health services.

  • Education and Skills Training

    We’re lowering interest rates on Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans — and the average borrower is saving about $2,000 over the lifetime of their loan.

    By increasing Canada Student Grants for families who need it most by up to fifty per cent and by doubling the number of students who got a job through the Canada summer jobs program, we’re making sure Canadians have what’s needed to access higher education and other training options to advance skills.

  • Indigenous Peoples

    We’re taking crucial steps in our journey towards reconciliation by creating opportunities for all Indigenous people. We’re improving access to safe and clean drinking water for Indigenous People on reserves — and will have 25 additional projects by 2021.

    We’re taking a crucial step in our journey towards reconciliation by providing funding to promote, preserve, and enhance Indigenous languages and cultures.

    And, we’re working with Indigenous communities to protect our environment – Canada’s High Arctic Research Station links science and Inuit knowledge on a range of issues in Arctic regions.

  • Inclusivity and Equality

    Justin Trudeau and Members of Parliament waving to the crowd at a Pride Parade.

    We are strong not in spite of our differences, but because of them. The introduction of the Equality Fund in 2019 made Canada the largest single investor in women’s rights organizations at home and around the world. We’re also removing barriers for a more accessible Canada for all with the new Accessible Canada Act. And the Liberal team has been unequivocal in our support for the LGBTQ2+ community — with Justin Trudeau himself marching in many Pride Parades.

  • Economy and Trade

    Justin Trudeau giving a speech to steel workers in Sault Ste. Marie.

    Our economy is thriving, and Canada is now one of the most trade-connected countries in the world. We’re signing new trade deals with over 50 countries, which means more customers and more good jobs for Canadians. As a result, Canadians have created 1.1 million new jobs, unemployment hit a 40-year low, and the average family income is at a record high!

Will you help protect our important progress by voting for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada on October 21?

Information on Contributions

Tax Credits

All Canadians with taxable income receive generous tax credits when they donate to the Liberal Party of Canada. The size of your reduction in taxes payable depends on the sum of all your political contributions.

If you have already made a contribution this year, please use the table below to calculate your cumulative tax credit.

  • Donations between 0 and $400: give you a 75 per cent refund
  • Donations between $400 and $750: give you $300 plus 50 per cent of any amount over $400
  • Donations over $750: give you $475 plus 33⅓ per cent of any amount over $750 up to a maximum of $650 per year

Limits on Contributions

Only Canadian citizens or permanent residents may make political contributions, in each of the following amounts:

  • No more than $1,650 in any calendar year to each registered political party
  • No more than $1,650 in total in any calendar year to the combined entities of each registered political party (Electoral District Associations, Nomination Contestants and Candidate campaigns)
  • No more than $1,650 in total between all registered leadership contestants in a particular leadership contest.

Learn More

Your support helps build a better Canada. Have more questions about donating to the Liberal Party of Canada? Visit our information page about how you can contribute and support our progress for Canadians.

For more information about tax credits please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website and for more information about contribution limits, please visit Elections Canada.

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