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Building trust and policy that Canadians care about takes time and money. The Victory Fund is the simplest and most affordable way to support the Liberal Party and helps us pursue our ambitious goals both nationally and locally.

The Victory Fund works like this:
•    You make small, monthly contributions of $10 dollars or more;
•    Part goes to the national office and part goes to the riding of your choice.

Your personal contributions not only help the Liberal candidate in your riding but also allow the party to develop the policy that will help build a better Canada and share our vision from coast to coast to coast.

After a generous year-end tax credit of up to 75 per cent, your minimum $10 monthly donation to the Victory Fund will cost you as little as $2.50 per month, that’s less than a coffee and a muffin, to help build the Canada you want. Give to the Victory Fund and help build the Canada of tomorrow, today.

Other ways to contribute:
Please print and complete this Donation Form and mail it with your cheque or personal credit card information to the listed address or fax it to: Attention: Donations 1-613-235-7208.

Personal Information
Select Your Riding Yes! Count me in for a monthly contribution to the Liberal Party of Canada and to the Federal Liberal Riding Association of:
Monthly Donation Through the Victory Fund
Party Contribution:
Riding Association Contribution:
Amount must be greater than $0 Value in each category must not exceed the annual limit of $1200.

After the tax credit is factored in, donating this amount will cost you the equivalent of only 0. All Canadians with taxable income receive generous tax credits when they donate to the Liberal Party of Canada. For your donation of over a calendar year, you'll be eligible to receive a tax credit equal to . Additional federal political donations may affect the rate at which your tax credit is calculated. More Information.

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